International employment:
in company training for HR professionals

Introduction of the training

Is your company employing staff abroad? Have expatriates been assigned to work in Belgium? Did you hire a foreign national to work in Belgium or in another country?


Your HR department will soon be facing the challenges of dealing with cross border employment issues, including taxation, social security and employment law. Appropriate training may be helpful for your HR professionals to help them to better understand these matters and to be able to effectively deal with them. Trainings on topics relating to international employment typically have the following weaknesses:


  • the training location is not suitable for you
  • the cost of the training program is excessive
  • the training dates are inconvenient
  • the topics, which are covered, do not sufficiently meet your needs


All of these issues are resolved by the ‘in company’ training program of ICHIBAN Consult. The trainer simply comes to your company, at reasonable cost, to teach those subjects which are of particular interest to you. Presentation materials and extensive written course materials are available both in Dutch and in English.


The programme

The program is discussed with you in advance and is tailor made to your needs. It may cover various topics in the areas of taxation, social security and employment law, such as, for example:


  • Who is an expatriate for tax purposes and what are the differences from a tax point of view between resident and non-resident tax payers?
  • The Belgian special taxation regime for expatriates (tax circular of 1983)
  • How do the international tax treaties work and how is international double taxation avoided?
  • Payroll administration for salary splits and for expatriates
  • Typical employment agreement clauses for salary splits and for expatriate staff members
  • International social security (both treaty situations and non-treaty situations)


The program is tailor made and consequently topics can be added or deleted based on your training needs.


Practical information

Target audience and your trainer

The training is designed to meet the expectations of HR professionals, who have to deal with cross border employment situations on a day to day basis. The trainer is Jan Lambrechts, Specialist Human Capital, who has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of expatriate taxation, international social security and employment law. He has written various publications on these subjects and has substantial teaching experience.


Date, language and location

  • The training can be organised at your premises, so that your HR professionals do not have to travel
  • The training dates can be determined by you, together with the trainer, in order to meet your planning constraints
  • Language: you can choose between either Dutch or English
  • The base module is 2-3 hours of teaching time. The program can be extended with additional modules of the same duration.



The cost is fixed, irrespective of the number of participants:


  • 2-hour training session          285 Euro (exclusive of VAT)
  • 3-hour training session          385 Euro (exclusive of VAT)


How to register?

Please find contactinfo at the bottom of this page.

Jan Lambrechts
Director - Special Human Capital

+32 (0)9 311 55 50

+32 (0)476 49 09 01

Klaverdries 9B
9031 Drongen
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